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SKKU has more than 35 years of experience in mining and processing of valued White industrial minerals and active fillers. With the development of new age materials and agglomerates we stand apart as a Independent mineral Company.

Our journey of being into the business of Industrial Minerals is more than a decade old story. The visionary man behind this business Mr. S. L. Chohan started the business as a Mine Owner of Rare and Rich Minerals Pyrophyllite and Sillimanite. With his vision and hard work, in 1982 Shri Kailash Khanij Udhyog was established as a sole business with a single processing plant which was a step ahead to come closer to its end users.

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SKKU MINERALS TALC lumps are mined from our various quarry locations which exist in the state of Rajasthan and Northern parts of India. The quality talc lumps are graded / sorted and distinguished upon their purity and brightness. Our range of purity talc powder ranges from brightness 80% to 98% and manufactured in various particle size ranging from 100 mesh to 4 microns.

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Primarily muscovite comes from the group of silicate minerals. They are easily distinguished from other minerals due to their physical appearance, high aspect ratio and elasticity. Most muscovite are found with the mining deposits of feldspar and kaolin. Variety of selection, segregation and grading processes are used for extraction, benefication of mica and processed into various particle sizes as per requirements.

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Sepiolite Clay

Sepiloite clay mineral is a specialized light weight mineral which has many unique characteristics of its own. The mineral is light, porous and has high surface area with unusual particle shape, these unique characteristics makes this material ready to use in wide range of applications due to its properties the mineral is high sough in many applications. SKKU MINERALS manufacturers dry ground material in various particle sizes.

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Pyrophyllite is natural Hydrated Alumino Silicate mineral with unique properties of a fire clay. Due to its low expansion properties the mineral expands less on heating than other refractory materials. Traditionally pyrophyllite has been used as a refractory and foundry mineral only. Typically used in the production of Fire bricks, Castables, Alumino Silica monolithic refractories, Mould structures, Coat of fired ceramic bricks.

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Hydrous Kaolin

Our specialized range of very white hydrous aluminium silicate clays acts as a perfect filler additive for various industries such as paints and coatings, adhesive and sealants, plastics, wires and cables and rubber industry. The improved whiteness along with very low moisture content acts as a benefit against the traditional china clay products in the market. The material is available in various whiteness levels and particle size potions.

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Calcined Clay

It is specialized ultra white superior calcined clay(processed) manufactured from the best of Indian kaolin mining resources in India. With ability to impart righteous quality to the end use product Max clay stands as a single choice calcined clay for multiple end user industries which majorly includes paints and coatings, paper, plastics, rubber and cables industries.

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Plastowhite are multispecialty superior range of products which finds its applications in almost all areas of industrial use applications. The characteristics of the material make them suitable to be used as a single specialty mineral product for applications in all major industries. SKKU MINERALS manufactures this product in varied whiteness levels and particle size to make it suitable for application in multiuse industries.

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Sillimnaite is a natural rich alumino silicate mineral. The industrial uses of sillimanite mineral specially related to their unique chemical and physical properties. High alumina content and lower fe2o3 and LOI contributes to its main chemical properties. Withstanding the high temperatures and pressure the material is highly suitable for refractory and foundry application.

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Professional Support

Concerning your requirement for any mineral product or services we are here to help you up with your queries. Starting from product information , to packaging to sales support and shipping we are here with you all the time. Flexible working hours , email response and call support as per your request and timing can be assured. Moreover smaller working team and direct control of business allows quicker decision makings and better understanding with the customers.

Technical Support

Any technical support concerning mineral products whether be it chemical reports, datasheets or testing of products is undertaken by us for our clients requirements. Free Chemical analysis / Physical analysis and Particle Size reports are done by us for our clients counter samples.
We do not charge any price for testing done at our end/ third party labs on behalf of our clients or prospective clients. Buyers are free to send their representative samples on scheduled basis for testing of any mineral products. We welcome all sort of technical enquiries concerning our industry products.

Free Samples

We do not charge anything for the samples , the samples and the shipping charges for the parcel are borne by us for our valued clients all over the world. Samples onto certain quantities not exceeding as commercial shipments are free delivered from our end. We use International reputed Courier services to deliver the samples anywhere around the world on time.


Besides our standard and regular products we also undertake and welcome requests concerning customized product manufacturing. We also manufacture various industry specific product as per the requirements of the customers with regards to various types of product specifications / treatments /packaging and tailor made shipping options.

After Sales

The real challenge for any company comes at the point not when selling the product but it starts with after sales of the product. We here at Shri Kailash Khanij Udhyog do not just work as sellers or consignors but as partners with our valued clients to help them up at every step needed after the sales of the product as well. Regular feedbacks , personal visits and checks with the customers helps us understand them much better way and in turn helps to upgrade and improve our product and services.

Logistics support

The major challenge along making the right product comes for choosing the right logistic solutions for timely delivery of product. We use wide range of logistics solutions from reputed companies for delivering of your product. Be it your sample parcel or LCL or FCL we use a range of reputed shipping companies for delivery of our materials.

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