Process Description Characteristics Methods Reaction Plan
Process / Product Characteristics Specification Measurement Technique Sample Size & Frequency Monitoring & Control Method
Raw Material Selection


Whiteness (Brightness)


Impurity  Free required

As Per our Requirement   / PO

As Per Customer
Requirement or Product Data Sheet

Manual Sorting 

Whiteness Tester / Comparison Method

Analysis (Lab testing)

As Per Standards

As Per Standards

As Per Set Standards

Standard Sample

Data Comparison & Trend Analysis

Data Comparison & Trend Analysis

Accepting the Raw Material from the mines , only if impurity level is less than acceptable limits.

Accepting the Mineral only if Whiteness is equal to or more than the standard sample or as per the purchase order requirement.

Accept the Material only if Chemistry is as per requirement. follow decision rule for reconfirmation.If failure is confirmed, reject the shipment or accept for sub standard quality under concession.
Crushing Impurity

Size of Material

No Impurity Required

Standard Sample Size

Manual / Visual

Manual / Visual


As per set standards.

Sorting / Segregate

Sorting/ Segregate
Each lot of Material is visually inspected for impurities / lab testing at factory. Over sized material re-crushed & high impurity rejected.
Mixing Proportion

As Per Requirement

Std Size Container


Sorting / Segregate

Proper Mixing

Accepting only if mixing is in required proportion or else corrections made. 


Particle Size



Chemical Specification  

As per Customer Requirement

or Product Data Sheet
Sieve / Particle Size Analyzer

Whiteness Tester

Comparison with Std Sample

Chemical Analysis
As per set standards

As per set standards

One sample per 10 Bag

One Sample Per
Do trend Analysis
Accept the product only if particle size is equal to or less than required.

Accepting the powder only if Whiteness is equal to standard or more than required one.   

Accept the product only if colour is matching with the standard sample.

Accepting the powder only if Chemical specifications are as per requirement. Follow decision rule for reconfirmation.
Bag Filling Weight 25 Kg / 50 Kg Standard or As Per Customer Requirement Weighing by Weighing Machine 100% Monitor the weight of every bag by electronic weighing machines.
Accepting the bags only if weight is equal to standard bag weight or slightly higher than the required one.
In case of less weight, entire lot should go for correction & re-packing.
Storage / Warehousing

Cover / Stitching of Bags

Grade-Wise Stacking

All bags must be Covered and Stitched. 

Grade-wise Stacking of all the bags

100% Stacks

100% Stacks
Contamina- tion with foreign particles and   moisture 
Accepting the Mineral only if total bags are stitched, covered and protected from moisture and contamination. 

Accepting the Mineral only if there is no contamination due to stack mixing, moisture or contamination in the bags, reject the entire lot.